Chocolate & Raisin Protein Oats


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    • Just add Hot water, Ready to Eat in just 2 minutes!
    • Each meal has on average 30g of Protein
    • Spork included so you can eat on the move!

    Never miss the most important meal of the day again!!

    Optimise the metabolism with the thermogenic effect of feeding.

    Replenish your amino acid pool and muscle glycogen quickly and efficiently for optimum performance.

    Did you know? Cereal and low-fat milk are also great for pre/post workout. Proteins assist in the regulation of muscle glycogen repletion and carbohydrates assist in muscle protein synthesis and repair.

    Scottish Oats, Milk Protein Concentrate (Casein & Whey), Cocoa Powder, Raisins, MCT Oil, L-Glycine, Citric Acid, Sucralose.


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