Convenient Nutrition for Busy Lifestyles

The struggle…

It seems to be that everyone leads such busy lives now – working two jobs, travelling for work, parents working whilst juggling parental responsibilities and such like.

On top of that, of course, people want to socialise and be active where possible to have some fun and stay healthy, it’s a lot to juggle and something normally must give.

Exercise and nutrition often fall by the wayside, sadly.

In terms of nutrition, a lot of people have best intentions to either go on a diet, improve what they’re eating, or prepare food to save money and have a healthier diet, but for many lifestyle-related reasons, it just doesn’t happen.

A great solution…

We see our products as an ideal solution for a lot of these daily struggles.

Our journey started as a great solution for professional sports clubs, a great way to feed a hungry team of players/athletes in minutes.

But it was apparent early on that it’s not just athletes who want access to good quality nutrition on the move, people need them for general everyday use! Whether it’s shift work, working in an office with no restaurant, always heading from one place to the next without time for food prep, our meals have saved the day for many a person!

Our meals are so convenient as a ‘grab & go’ meal choice, and here’s why;

Just add hot water – a kettle or hot water machine are never far away! No microwave or oven needed

Spork included – no cutlery needed, that’s in the pot for you

No washing up – need we say more?! Just dispose of your pot in a bin after you’ve eaten and carry on with your busy day

Not long to wait – our savoury meals take 5mins to hydrate, breakfast meals only 2mins, so you’ve never got long to wait to tuck in

Easy to store – you can just keep a pot in your bag, locker, desk etc, knowing you’ve always got a great meal to hand. No fridge needed!

Long shelf life – all of our meals come with a 12-month shelf life, all with your convenience in mind

High quality, balanced meals – you’re not just getting convenience with us, you’re getting convenience and QUALITY! We used the highest quality ingredients with no nasties, this is why so many top athletes trust and buy our products every week

Nutrient dense, high in protein – you may think that one of our meals won’t keep you full for long, but this isn’t correct! Due to have a balanced meal which is high in protein you’ll feel satiated /full for a few hours at least

And about our meat! – sometimes we hear people say our meat in the savoury meals actually tastes like chicken or beef, that’s because that’s exactly what it is!

We use freeze dried meat, and although it shrinks during that process, it doesn’t become denatured so you’re still getting all the nutrition from it. And once you add the hot water, you’ll see it expand.

Did you know?

If you take our chicken meals as an example, each pot contains the equivalent of a chicken breast! All of the protein comes from chicken in our chicken meals.

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