Who Sport Kitchen support – in sport!

We’re very proud of who we’ve supported over the years, and who we continue to support.

As mentioned in last week’s blog, our journey started with providing solutions for football and rugby clubs, to ensure the players had access to a nutritionally balanced meal in the crucial recovery window after a match.

Over the years we’ve supported people and teams such as below, to name a few!

GB Skeleton Team

We are naturally very happy to be nutrition sponsors for the multi-medal winning, GB Skeleton team! Their athletes spend a lot of time on top of the slopes, where this is little access to food, so for them to be able to eat a quality, hot meal in between runs is so important to them. Here’s what their head of performance had to say;

“Motorway service stations, let alone those in unfamiliar countries, can be a mine-field for nutrition-conscious athletes and that’s something we have to be very aware of as a programme. Non-perishable sources of high-quality protein are hard to find and that’s why the products provided by Sport Kitchen have proved so valuable for us.

They’re easily portable and they fit with our athletes’ travel demands (and luggage allowance!). Each serving provides 30g of protein and that’s essential for counteracting the physiological stressors of altitude, cold and interrupted training which our athletes face throughout the competitive winter season.”

EIS (English Institute of Sport) / Team GB

We are fortunate that the EIS and nutritionists within the EIS recognise that we supply quality products which are very useful for their teams and athletes. So many of the UK’s top athletes (Team GB) buy our meals to use when they travel abroad, for training leading up to a competition and/or during a competition. They want a trusted brand with a trusted product.

Football, Rugby, Cricket….

Again, fortunately, due to our reputation for supporting teams and producing quality products we sell our meals to many national, premiership & championship, football, rugby and cricket clubs, plus any other team/player/athlete who is interested in keeping their nutrition on point when travelling and training!

Budding athlete/grassroots

We also like to support budding athletes and players at grassroots, giving them access to discount as it can be tough when starting out a sport career. Lots of equipment to buy etc, without really knowing if or when they’re going to make it full time. So, we’ll help where we can to make access to our meals as easy as possible, and in some cases provide some form of sponsorship.

Challenges & Events

We sometimes get people come to us asking for a meal solution for a big challenge, which is always an interesting one for us! Our more recent one was to provide meals to Susie Goodall who was racing around the world in the Golden Globe Race – as you can see below it was some challenge!

Susie wanted to make sure she had food on board which would help her stay full, focused and full of energy, plus food that was still tasty! So, we were more than happy to help. You may have seen from the news that sadly; Susie’s race was cut short due to a brutal storm which damaged her boat. But what a legend and great attempt, thankfully she’s fine!

We often help charities, including homeless charities. If you want to find out more about this or any more about our pro sports discounts and/or sponsorship opportunities, we’re happy to help!

Just call on 01173 048628 or email info@sportkitchen.com

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