Why Milk Protein over Whey Protein?

We often get asked what ingredients we use in our breakfast range, largely the answer is oats, an inclusion such as fruit, and the protein comes from MPC (Milk Protein Concentrate).

We also get asked why we use MPC, rather than Whey? Lot’s of oat-based, breakfast products on the supermarket shelves use Whey and so a lot of our customers wonder why we stand out on our own on this one!

It can all get a bit confusing, so let us shed some light for you with 3 reasons why MPC is a winner!

Reason 1
MPC is purified from filtered milk and is a highly pure protein source. It slowly digests and releases amino acids, this will help to reduce muscle breakdown and is otherwise known as an anti-catabolic agent. So, after that gym session, you’ll reap the benefits of maintaining/building muscle.

There are higher concentrations of protein in MPC over Whey, so it really is a great protein source.

Reason 2
MPC is more stable than Whey when hot/boiling water is added to it.

So, with our breakfast meals you add boiling water to the pot – what we don’t want to happen is for the protein to be denatured, or de-stabilised in any way. We want you to have the best quality protein for its environment and therefore we use MPC, Whey doesn’t handle this so well, but Whey is a cheaper ingredient and hence lots of the cheaper products on the shelves will use it.

Reason 3
MPC can improve your ‘metabolic health’.

There is evidence to show that consuming dairy products such as MPC can indirectly help with fat loss and therefore the reduction of diseases such as Type 2 diabetes. The high protein content can help to keep you feeling full up, plus the anabolic effects of the dairy protein derived BCAA’s (branched chain amino acids) can help to increase your muscle mass which will, in turn, raise your metabolism, making it easier for you to burn body fat.

But don’t worry, we’re not saying one of our breakfast meals will turn you into Arnold Schwarzenegger overnight!

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Further references
If you would like more information and some of the science behind the use of MPC, check this link!