What The Pro’s Say

We’re very proud to sell our products to top athletes, Olympic teams, sports clubs and nutritionists.

Here’s what some of the professionals had to say:

Adam Peaty – Olympic, World, European and Commonwealth Games Swimming Gold Medalist

I used Sport Kitchen meals before and during the Rio Olympics and they helped me a lot in my recovery. There is no doubt I will be using Sport Kitchen products again.

Oliver Wilson – Professional Golfer
For me, Sport Kitchen QSM are an essential part of my kit. From spending hours travelling through airports and on planes to getting to Tour events, Sport Kitchen keeps me fuelled with proper food so I’m ready to perform when I arrive. They are also great for on the course; to be able to have a nutritious meal during a 6-hour practice or playing session is hugely valuable in keeping my energy levels high during a tournament. I never leave the house without one.

Lee Johnson – Bristol City FC First Team Coach
Quick Sport Meals are the perfect solution for anytime, anywhere. When preparing yourself for eight miles in a match, sometimes three times per week, preparation is everything.

Andy Boles – Motherwell FC Nutritionist
Sport Kitchen forms an important part of the post-match recovery process for our players. They are practical for me as they are easy to take to away trips. They’re also easy and quick to prepare. The players like them too, they’re easy to eat after games which can often be a difficult time. The customer service from the guys is excellent too.

Darrell Rabess – Male Fitness Athlete
I am always on the go so it is sometimes difficult to have the correct nutrition to hand, since becoming a Sport Kitchen sponsored athlete my performance has improved due to my diet being a lot more complete and a meal never being missed. These products are not only extremely convenient and easy to make but they taste good too making my life as a professional athlete a lot easier. To be the best you need the best nutrition readily available, therefore I highly recommend Sport Kitchen to my busy clients who do not have the time for meal prep.

Che Mills – Professional MMA Fighter
Having Sport Kitchen meals make my life so much easier, travelling back and forth to the gym all the time often means that I don’t always get the chance to refuel and have meals during the day. With Sport Kitchen I can still get a hot meal inside whilst on the go. It gives me everything I need out of a meal and I can’t thank Sport Kitchen enough. Favourite one has to be the Jerk Chicken!

We also sponsored the medal winning GB Skeleton team and our meals played a huge part in their success. Here’s what some of their team had to say:

Freddy Brown – Nutritionist, GB Skeleton and English Institute of Sport
The struggles of eating healthily on-the-go are all too familiar to most people who spend time on the road. While cereal bars and confectionary are available everywhere, being able to find low fat, affordable and convenient sources of protein represent more of a challenge.

Sport Kitchen products help the GB Skeleton athletes meet their unique set of nutritional demands. Considering the environmental stresses imposed by high altitude and cold conditions, as well as the long and arduous days of travel, our athletes need all the help they can get in maintaining lean body mass and preserving the training gains they’ve worked so hard for in the gym.

The organic, high-quality meat used by Sport Kitchen also has a higher “biological value” then many other dried noodle products which use lower quality soy. Of course, good nutritional options are useless if they stay in the packet, but the delicious flavours that span the whole range of our athletes’ tastes mean that the hardest nutritional choice they have to make is how to ration their allocation so that it lasts longer than bus-ride to the airport!

Maddy Smith, Kim Murray and Ellie Furneaux – GB Skeleton athletes
We travel all over the world representing Great Britain and we spent a lot of time in airports or on the road. That makes it difficult to keep on top of our nutritional needs, especially when service station and airport terminal food isn’t usually of the best quality. It’s a similar story at the race tracks themselves – the facilities aren’t as modern or extensive as you’d find at a football training complex, for example, so there are very few options on race day or during training runs.

That’s why Sport Kitchen pots are so useful for us all: they give us what we need, when we need it. It sounds simple, but it plays a big part in allowing us to be at our best, wherever we are in the world.

Danny Holdcroft – Head of Performance, GB Skeleton
Motorway service stations, let alone those in unfamiliar countries, can be a mine-field for nutrition-conscious athletes and that’s something we have to be very aware of as a programme. Non-perishable sources of high-quality protein are hard to find and that’s why the products provided by Sport Kitchen have proved so valuable for us.

They’re easily portable and they fit with our athletes’ travel demands (and luggage allowance!). Each serving provides 30g of protein and that’s essential for counteracting the physiological stressors of altitude, cold and interrupted training which our athletes face throughout the competitive winter season.