Where To Buy

QSM’s are available here at sporkitchen.com, click here to go straight to the store.

The following distributors also stock our products:

UK – Muscle Finesse: www.musclefinesse.com

Middle East – Vitamin Kood: www.vitaminkood.com

Spain – Global Food Supplies: www.globalfoodstradingltd.com/en/


SportKitchen has always supported the trade and, whilst we are distributed via some major retailers, we are keen to support the trade and the industry. We offer great rates starting from small volumes and increasing as quantities build.

Please either email us trade@sportkitchen.com or call us on 01173 048628. Please tell us a little about your business and we will find a way to develop additional sales for us both.


If you want to know if any gyms/shops in your area stock our products, please drop us an email and we’ll get straight back to you.

Why not get in contact with us and talk about our ‘Supported Sport’ program – prosport@sporkitchen.com